Friday, August 28, 2009

Aquaphor for the Peepers

I've used Aquaphor for years as it's great for dry skin and lips, especially in winter. It's great for manicures and pedicures, keeping your cuticles and feet soft. Also a good ointment for baby's bum. I recently read in a magazine (can't remember which one?)
that Aquaphor is a great eye wrinkle treatment. So I gave it a try at night, just a very tiny amount under both eyes, gently. It's a thick ointment but not grease-shine like Vaseline. Next morning I woke up and the skin under my eyes definately felt smoother and slightly taught. Better results than any other eye cream or gel I've used in the past, I gave up on them long ago. Now I just use Aquaphor when I'm feeling the bags and wrinkles.

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